Welcome to CAMPFORCE

Campforce is the online meeting portal for all staff members and alumni of Turkey's leading camp organisation, Future Stars. The platform allows coaches to keep their personal information up to date, apply for camp programs, share knowledge, join discussions in their areas of interest and stay connected through social events.

Workforce Database

An online database of all Future Stars coaches and alumni, allowing them to update their profile and contact details, camp and work experience and follow other coaches’ activities.

Event Calendar

An interactive calendar for coaches to track and register for Future Stars events while accessing key event information such as location, dates, registration fees and other attendees.

Resource Library

An online storage for camping documentation including files, images and links allowing Future Stars coaches to view and share knowledge in selected topics.

Discussion Forums

An online forum to join discussions, follow conversations and share ideas with other Future Stars coaches in your areas of interest within pre-defined topics and categories.

Contact Us

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+90(216) 345 81 00
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